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  1. Trevor Lawrence is a real talent. I’m not a fan of college ball but a fan of NFL AND IDK WHATS this crap about god but, fuck all that, religion has nothing to do with football. Those are two very different things. I understand being humble and all that warm crap but c’mon you swear Trevor didn’t go to a restroom or something and say FUCK YEAH YOUR the MAN!! To his reflection. C’mon he’s human !!

  2. I have been a Clemson fan since 1955, when my parents took me to the football games when I was only 5 years old. Have seen a lot of Coaches come and go, seen winning seasons and losing seasons, but never lost my love of Clemson. Not sure what we fans or Clemson did to be blessed with a man like Coach Swinney, But I thank the God above for him. His goal of building these young men into leaders, good fathers, husbands, and neighbors is more important to him than winning championships is why parents love him and trust him with their sons. I love college football, seen way to many coaches that care more about having the top recruiting class and winning games than their players. Yes, this is 2 months after THE GAME, but finally had a quiet, calm time to really listen to him. Just so thankful to have this man not only at Clemson, not only being a mentor to those young men, but as an example for other Coaches and a man of strong faith.

  3. Uh-huh….The almighty is just obsessed with which sports team does the best….. (This is what vomitoriums are for) But back here in reality, elite teams have had brilliant ideas & execution & as merely human beings, which is the only thing they are, they've done well.

  4. Trevor lawrence..the future highest paid qb in the NFL!! Such a great coach and truly a humble one. The rest of the college coaches have seen what the gold standard is gonna be like now!

  5. Let these guys just party you asshole interviews. They are kids and your asking shit that they just want to relax and rest. I think they like this uncomfortable shit and leave COACH alone you trolls

  6. Yeah wanted Alabama two win but unfortunately they lost. It was heart broken but I knew Trevor Lawrence was going to be the guy that will change everything especially with this program he did great things. I’ve had mad respect for Trevor. Oh and justyn Ross keep grinding. My favorite player to look out for in clemson.

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