Spring Game X&O's: Clemson on JUGGERNAUT STATUS?!

Murf Baldwin examines a few plays for Clemson’s 2019 spring offering. Please subscribe to my alternate channel where most of the Clemson content will eventually be: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk_CirC1GCZFN-m00VBxq_Q/


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  1. Clemson's definitely going to be back in the title picture. They look damn good. That said, watch out for the back to back games against Texas A&M and at Syracuse. Cuse has given Clemson hell 2 years in a row.

  2. Welcome back brother! I guess I am gonna be hopping back on it!! Been watching all the videos and keeping up but we gotta start with them real convos again!

  3. Clemson may develop players but you cant tell me Clemson hasn't been getting top players even before their Championship Run, including Deshaun Watson

  4. Clemson Defense will lack this year . i think Texas A&M will knock the tiger down. Everyone else they play after that is smooth sailing. I cant hype Clemson up, being they beat up on basketball teams. They beat bama, but they havent played a healthy UGA team.# GoDawgs!

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