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  1. holy shit the refs were absolutely horrendous this game… 0:36 i mean look at that, he puts a leg behind cam johnson and throws him down right in front of the ref. the rest of the game wasn't much better

  2. Get better Coach Williams like Zion this will be waiting on you when you return.
    Great game men your composer under pressure is consistent with how a great Tarheel team carries itself.
    Turnovers to include prevention is our focus.
    We need Little more involved in the offense.
    More work after practice getting to know one another on the court.
    You've begun the historic run that has followed many UNC championship teams.
    Do not get "caught up" in your current success.
    Hold on to the hunger and drive to be great. To be champions.
    Things to work on:
    Coby – playmaking
    Little – Consistency
    Williams – Mechanics(jumper/same way everytime)
    Robinson – aggressiveness
    Team as a whole – pressure defense, cardio, and rebounding.
    I see great things men amongst your many accomplishments thus far.
    If these positives be a gauge you are well on your way to greatness.

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