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  1. Where are all those tiger running backs coming from,seems like they just kept coming off the bench,looks like there is plenty for the next few years to keep there running game going for a long time

  2. Are Clemson fans retards? LSU would lock this offense up seriously you lose the anm game without Bryant and that’s the only team worth mentioning, and you basically lose that game if the refs feel different cmon your heads getting too big this bama team is very very unique and rare, this is what Clemson looks like every year and fizzles our until it gets a fluke with 1 second left cmon be honest LSU is a better team in my honest opinion, Clemson’s secondary is full of no named 2-3 stars and Q willams is playing better than any player on Clemson’s d-line, wake up Clemson fans

  3. Clemson would be getting a huge gift if they get to play notre dame in the college football playoff. They'll curbstomp them by 50 and then get blown out by alabama.

  4. Clemson d line will have to pressure Tua if that game happens. Tua does well with a clean pocket but not so well with pressure, plus he looks pretty gimpy this year with that knee. It will be a great game.

  5. Well, the last time I watched football was when Joe Montana played with the 49ers.
    Then, in walks a new #16 to play college ball and I'm hooked. Luckily, he didn't choose USC or FSU or I'd be watching a losing team.
    I chose well.

  6. I saw shaq smith give up on that touchdown Louisville got to score 16pts. He may have been hurt. I wish they would play him more because I see potential and I don't want him to transfer next week.

  7. “Hi, this is Clemson. Are y’all serving dinner?”
    “Yes, we are, what would you like?”
    “Ummm, What meats do you have?
    “Name any bird, we got it.”
    “Oh, let me get one extra crispy.”
    “Okay, that will be $77 and 16 cents.”

  8. Alabama 29 LSU 0 in death valley, the original death valley not the fake death valley in Clemson hahahahahahahaha. Clemson is so pathetic plays a conference schedule full of high school teams, barely beats a 4 loss SEC west team by 2 points🤔🤔. Clemson just cancel the rest of your regular season games we'll see you in the playoffs and yes you'll get smoked your secondary isn't half as good as LSU's. And Ohio state is the biggest joke in college football.

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