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  1. We have everything in place to have a special season in 2018. BUT……I hope the team stays focused and keeps their heads. I think a lot of people forget that these are young men, that could easily get ahead of themselves. Yes, I know Dabo and staff will keep them grounded, but that's easier said than done. Look at the Syracuse game last year. We were NOT FOCUSED, and were WAY over confident. I don't want to hear, well Kelley Byrant went out of the game. We could have and should have beat Syracuse with Johnson or Cooper at QB. I just pray we stay healthy, stay focused,  and play to our potential. If we are able to do those things, we will at least put our self in a position to play in the CFP.

  2. See y'all in death valley. My Team is cleamson And whatever it takes suites them the best Defensive team
    I can't wait to watch you guy's play. 2018 I'm ready and I'll do whatever it takes to be ready

  3. This year is gonna be crazy…get used to hearing the names Etienne, Higgins, Mullen, and maybe "Lawrence" 😉 those names go along with the ones we already hear all the time like Wilkins, Bryant, the other Lawrence, Renfrow…etc etc I can't wait for September

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