Clemson Tigers Defense / NO WAY TO REPLACE THAT D-LINE

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  1. remember all. after every game last year. Dabo would always say in the coaches interview, how they would play 70 to 75 players. Clemson's back ups will have experience since they will be the starters this year.

  2. From reports coming out of Spring ball….keep an eye on DT Tyler Davis. Sounds like he's wreaking havoc against that experienced Clemson o-line. Similar to Dexter Lawrence but a little smaller.

  3. Would love to see you make a video speculating FBS first year coach’s (current school) for expected performance, impact on recruiting and possible downfalls or weaknesses of their teams if possible

  4. Mark you do realize how deep out line is. They for the better part of all of last season most fourth quarter were played by the bench. The poaer rangers will be missed but have been groomed by them.

  5. It will be interesting to see the top 100 entering 2019, thoughts on the case for Lawrence etienne higgins and Ross all being ranked high?

    For the DL, yes on Thomas but keep an eye out on Foster, a junior, at the other end. Most think he is holding off Henry at the spot opposite Thomas. On the interior there is more concern than at end. I think pinkney and Williams will hold it down, but depth is a big concern some of the freshman like Tyler Davis will need to be solid rotation guys. The back 7 of the defense isn’t a concern, all 3 lbs will be rs juniors (Simmons Smith, a former 5 star, and skalski). The caller was spot on about kendrick manning the cb spot opposite Terrell, yesterday venables said if the season started today Kendrick would start. I’m not sure about the callers commentary about Safety, all 4 from the 2-deep return so at worst isn’t that a wash? Muse isn’t moving, I share the concerns on his skill set but again at worst isn’t it a wash?

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