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  1. Trevor didn’t look good because they kept blitzing and the offensive play caller was not thinking about what blitz they was doing because it’s a spring game, now I will say this they showed there hand on some blitz’s when many teams don’t blitz during spring.

  2. May There, Bobby!!! I dislike pretentious people! Continue being yourself, they are just jealous of what you got on your following. I guess they don't have a sense of humor!! Clemson is going to kick butt next year!!! Go Tigers!!

  3. Carolina Jackhat wanted to be there…BUT- He would be lost amongst a winning atmosphere… Nobody throwing bottles, batteries, laying out f-bombs….
    Lets hope my DAWGS can play yall this year in the final 4 or maybe for a chance at a NC…Wish we played every year like years ago…

  4. Wanted to be there but could not make it im still hooked up to this wound vac machine!!! Trevor looked just fine there was no reason to show more than we need to

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